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“We believe that simple ingredients, traditional flavors, and lots of love are all you need.”

Calcutta Kitchens' premium Indian simmer sauces have been a favorite at farmers markets and gourmet stores in New York and Connecticut since 2009. Their original recipes were created by Aditi Godswami based on food memories of her childhood country, India.

Growing up in India, food is a way of life, connecting people to their land and to each other. It's that feeling for food that Aditi brings to her creations at Calcutta Kitchens. Her mission is to make Indian food more accessible and a part of the modern American table through the ease of use and wholesomeness of her sauces, reflecting the regional cuisines of India.

They will make the best curries that you've ever tasted, but are also versatile enough to use as a base for other creations - stews, soups and anywhere you need a boost of flavors. Her simmer sauces are always vegetarian, mostly vegan, all gluten free and never any preservatives.