The Sarakku Story

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We're a family who've always loved exploring different cuisines. It's as simple as that! Through the years, we've lived in many countries around the globe and had the privilege of experiencing many local cuisines. We want to share that joy with you, conveniently delivering great foods from around the world, right to your doorstep.

The Sarakku Approach to Food

Food is culture. Proust’s fictional narrator took one bite of a fresh-baked madeleine and was ushered back in time to his childhood. And the same happens when we enjoy the common meals of our past - the flavors and aromas bring back memories. Even the scent of a certain sauce boiling on the stove can be enough to transport you to a specific place and time.

The beauty of food then, is creating new memories, celebrating old memories, and passing along shared cultural experiences. We believe the food you eat can be more than energy to sustain us through a busy work day. We believe great foods are worth seeking, and worth sharing.

The Sarakku Way of Sourcing

When we select products for Sarakku, we're not just checking boxes. We're getting to know makers. Each item on our virtual shelves comes with a backstory.

Backstories like that of Aneesa Waheed at Tara Kitchen Sauces, an acclaimed chef who's mastery of sweet and savory flavors and ingredients helped her invent a whole new take on Moroccan sauces. Shop our Tara Kitchen products.


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