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love food? us too

There's nothing like a great family meal, served up with the same quality ingredients your great-grandma used in her kitchen.

Those ingredients aren't always easy to find though, so we decided to create a market to bring you just that - the same high-quality foods you're used to - no cheap imitations allowed.

On the flip side, we want to introduce you to the flavors other families have loved for generations, that might be new to you.

Along the way, we've met makers from Northern Africa to the plains of Montana keeping old methods alive and creatively inventing entirely new foods.

We realized that just because a food doesn't have a history of hundreds of years, doesn't mean it's not great.

So our definition of great food is anything made well: high-quality raw ingredients, sourced responsibly, and made with intention.

If you love great food as much as we do, we think you'll love Sarakku.

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From baked spanakopita to tangy tzatziki, Greek flavors are fresh and zestful. Each meal is a celebration bursting with abundance and capped with sweet honey-infused desserts.


The scents wafting from Moroccan tagines are nothing if not enchanting. And there are simple ways to bring the flavors of Morocco to your own kitchen, too.


A melting pot with international influences, Malaysia has its own national dishes of pride. Like nasi lemak with its trademark spicy sambal sauce and roti canai with its signature curry sauce.

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