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I’ve never had another jar sauce that’s tasted as fresh and filled with flavor!” - Emily G.

After moving from Calcutta to NYC to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts degree, Nidhi Jalan, AKA Masala Mama, found herself deeply missing the wonderful taste and quality of authentic Indian food.

So, she made it her mission to bring the real flavors of India to homes everywhere with sauces that provide the perfect backdrop for easy, fresh and delicious Indian meals.

Made with wholesome, natural ingredients, authentic spices and techniques, and a whole lot of Mama love, her simmer sauces transport the taste buds to a place where flavor reigns supreme - the heart of the Indian kitchen.  With all natural, non-GMO ingredients, heart-healthy olive oil, no sugar and low sodium, Masala Mama’s simmer sauces are a healthy solution without sacrificing delicious taste.

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