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Introducing Homiah: A Taste of Heritage and Connection

Homiah, derived from the phrase "to live the good life," embodies love, care, and the joy of cooking for others. Rooted in the culinary capital of Malaysia, Penang, Homiah's story traces back to the 1940s when founder Michelle's grandmother Nonie, a renowned cook, pioneered the preservation of local "Nyonya" recipes. Passed down as cherished family heirlooms, these recipes shaped Michelle's upbringing. Upon arriving in America, her desire to share the flavors and cultural richness of my heritage ignited the creation of Homiah.  

Today, Michelle meticulously crafts each Homiah product, faithfully honoring Nonie's recipes. Working closely with local artisans in Malaysia and sourcing only the finest, wholesome spices, Homiah transcends mere food. It represents a personal journey, an opportunity to bring comfort and foster connections through the universal language of cuisine. Join Michelle on this thrilling adventure and experience the magic of Homiah.